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Immigration consultant.


Visa services, immigration consult and our Consulting institute will provide you with answered and guidance through residency and immigration.

Most important role of our immigration consulting institute is to be sure of getting the right information from best Persian language consultants all over the world. Which institute truly provides the best consultation? The best and most reliable immigration consultant provide by which institute? Malekpour Consulting institute obliged himself to provide the best consulting and guidance for its clients with connection with its best and most professional lawyers around the world due to obtaining visa and residency through different ways.


Immigration to countries

Immigration to countries

What is immigration? Immigration is word came from migrate and its different with migrate. Immigrant is a person who migrate from his country with no intention of coming back but not for short period of time or fun but for long period of time and a determined purpose.

  • Immigration will happen through certain ways:
  • Immigration through work
  • Immigration through asylum (our services won’t include this section)
  • Immigration through education
  • Immigration through investment
  • Immigration through birth
  • Immigration through marriage

In this website you will be introduced to different ways of immigration to most important and best countries in the world.

If you are interested in immigration to countries through one of these ways you can just simply call us.

Our consultants won’t charge you anything for a primary assessment and consultation. Free immigration consultant  is usually for 5-10 minutes and can be access through phone calls or registration in WhatsApp section.

Europe residence and other countries

Europe residence and citizenship nowadays are more popular. Like Dr Malekpour founder of theoretical and legal discussions on residence and citizenship mentioned before those days that United states was the best and most desirable immigration destination for everyone is over. Europe residence nowadays means residence in all the beautiful and first-class European countries. EU and Schengen convention could make the possibility of trade and transfer between all of its members.  Europe residence means easy transfer between counties like Switzerland, Germany , Austria , Sweden , Finland , Norway and France and so many other countries.


European residence contains which countries?

Germany residence

Austira residence

Switzerland residence

Sweden residence

Norway residence

Slovakia residence

For getting full information about your intended countries and residence services in Europe you can click in the link about Europe residence services.

Work Visa


The purpose of working migration is to advise you with our experiences on how to live and work in Europe, Canada, Australia, the United States, New Zealand and so many other countries.

If done properly, work Migration should end up in obtaining work in the designated country and in some cases, obtaining the permanent residence or temporary passport of the said country.

to get the full information about work immigration, apply to the proper webpage in this website



Foreign investment means accepting the risks and conditions of investing abroad. Malekpour Legal institute has privided special features for the first time in the middle east by relying on  Mr. Amir mohammad Malekpour’s experience and knowldge.

The foreign investor seeks to gain more profit and sometimes safe residency abroad, thus one of the most important steps in investing abroad is to access the situation throughly and completely

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Student visa

if you ‘re looking for an answer on how to apply for a student visa, your on the right page. We have extensively discussed issues related to sending students aborad, student applications, student visa requirements, studying abroad, education in Europe , US and Canada as well as obtaining a scholarship.

For example a special page has been made for your questions about obtaining a scholarship or being funded by the university. Malekpour Legal institure is one of the biggest names in the consulting business and has peovided a situation that you can get fully funded by one of the top universities in the world with the help of our expert lawyers.

We are more than just a brand and we are willing to consult you by resorting to scientific  information

Passport and citizenship

Citizenship, or obtaining a passport has different effects. dual citizenship means that a person has more than one nationality. We are providing very useful information on the passport of various countries in this website.

We have studied The ranking of the passports of several countries that grant access to european countries and countries like U.S and Canada. Methods of obtaining the citizenship of countries like Austrialia, Canada and europian countries have been throughly studied and analyzed.

Mlaekpour legal institute takes great pride in sharing the knowledge of its consultants on this websitefor free.

A passport grants you the right to vote and live as a citizen of that country

اطلاعاتی که در این وبسایت مشاهده می نمایید بر اساس تحقیقات اشخاصی هست که غیر حقوقی هستند و موسسه MIE هیچ گونه مسئولیت حقوقی در خصوص اطلاعات وبسایت ندارد. ما همیشه توصیه می کنیم این اطلاعات را راستی آزمایی کنید و با یک وکیل لوکال در میان بگذارید.

تمامی حقوق برای موسسه ملک پور محفوظ است.
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